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From the Desk of Principal

From the Desk of Principal

Successful and happy individuals build a successful nation. But what is it that aids success? Achievement of goals and fulfilment of your mission to lead a happy and contended life. That strong foundation is none other than good education. Because in education lies the biggest service to the individual, to the nation and to the humanity.

The main objective SRMDCMRC is to gave opportunity to students of India to high standard platform to learn, inherit domain skills which are completely career-linked. Our vision is simple - Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives. The journey has just begun. The Ch. Het Ram Johary Lal Education Promotion Society to prepare students for a Bachelors Degree in Dental Surgery. The first academic session commencing in 2014-15. The Dental College & Hospital are committed to providing state of the art facilities & health care to the rural community of this region. 
If you choose to study at this institution, I am confident that it would be a very fruitful and enriching experience.